Tokyo Nutrition Summit

Introduction of efforts toward the Tokyo Nutrition Summit

1. Tokyo Nutrition Summit

(1) Basic information of the Summit

The Tokyo Nutrition Summit was scheduled to be held in 2020 under the auspices of the Government of Japan, but postponement of the summit is being considered due to the spread of the COVID-19.
Since its start after the London Olympics, this is the third Summit to be held. The Summit will bring together stakeholders from various sectors to generate financial and political commitments to nutrition, focusing on the critical roles of food, health and social protection systems in delivering good nutrition for all. For more information about this Summit, please visit the nutrition summit’s official website

At this summit, five themes will be tackled. In particular, the second theme to be discussed is “Food: Promoting healthy eating and nutrition improvement, securing livelihoods of producers, and building a climate-friendly food system”.

There are also great expectations for the contribution of the business sector, and it is expected that a commitment will be made based on their contribution and business strategy.

(2) Documents related to the Summit

2. NJPPP’s efforts toward the Tokyo Nutrition Summit

NJPPP has been working on “improving nutrition of workplace meal at Japanese companies expanding into Asia” since its establishment. Given that most adults in the world spend at least one-third of their time in the workplace, “improving the nutrition of the workplace meal” is extremely important. Furthermore, regarding the double burden of malnutrition, which is an important issue at the summit, we believe that the results of improving the nutrition of employees are one of the indicators of Japan’s contribution policy.

NJPPP aims to realize a sustainable nutrition improvement project by organizing the results of its activities so far, and by continuing to examine and empirically tackle the essential issues and direction of solutions found there.
*Please see  “Report” for the activities up to March in 2020.

Regarding the business sector commitment expected at this summit, NJPPP provides support as a public-private partnership in order to disseminate the proactive efforts of Japanese companies to the international community. This page will also introduce the NJPPP’s activities for the Summit.