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NJPPP is waiting for the companies who agree to the intention and purpose of NJPPP and consider starting a nutrition and food business for developing countries in the future, and the organizations who are interested in the activities supporting and collaborating with the companies to join us. Please refer to the details of membership qualifications shown below.

[reference] Article 7. Membership Qualifications of NJPPP Bylaws

An individual or organization that meets any of the following items, agrees to the purpose of NJPPP, and wishes to participate in the activities of NJPPP may become a NJPPP member. However, the member shall not be related to any antisocial force.

  1. a legal entity whose main shop or head office is registered in Japan
  2. a legal entity registered outside Japan which is owned or whose power is held by the legal entity that falls into item i)
  3. a legal entity or an individual person except those described in the preceding items and whose membership has been approved by the steering committee of NJPPP in light of the purpose of NJPPP

Application for membership

We earnestly hope that the related companies and organizations that agree to the intentions of Nutrition-Japan Public-Private Platform become its members. Article 14 of the Bylaws describes that “a business member shall pay the specified membership fee to cover the expenses required for the activities of NJPPP”.

When you become a member, NJPPP secretariat will send you the invitations to the NJPPP events and activities and the NJPPP-related information including the handouts of the meeting by electronic mail.

For the application, please fill in the necessary information on the attached form and send it by electronic mail to the place for application. If there is any uncertain point, please feel free to contact the secretariat shown below.

Mode of application

by sending the Application form for Nutrition-Japan Public-Private Platform Membership

Place for application

Nutrition-Japan Public-Private Platform Secretariat E-mail : FAX : 03-6261-7967