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Support for discovering and forming a project case by NJPPP (secretariat)

NJPPP provides the following supports to private sectors interested in starting a nutrition improvement activity, but lack in concrete information and experience on how to discover an issue and carry forward a project.

  • providing information on the prior nutrition improvement activities performed by other companies
  • invitations to seminars and related events for Japanese companies
  • providing information on international networks of organizations including international, domestic and academics agencies, and NGOs related to nutrition
  • on-site surveys and information collection on the target nation or area cooperative for a NJPPP project where member companies are highly interested

To the private sector who has found a clue to start a nutrition improvement activity or obtain an idea or concept of the project, NJPPP provides the following supports leading to the materialization and realization of the project utilizing the knowledge and experience of the members.

  • providing information and reviewing the support scheme concerning the financing instruments and accessible government organizations.
  • referral to the international, domestic and academic agencies and NGOs whose cooperation appears effective
  • evaluation of the nutrition improvement effect of the project
  • providing information and advice on how to ensure the public accountability
  • providing other information likely to improve the feasibility and be useful for establishing the project

Utilization of the support scheme of government organizations, etc.

Various support systems constructed and operated by government organizations often have schemes that a NJPPP nutrition improvement project can utilize. Some of schemes may not be directly applicable, but the project may expect on the indirect support of the organizations to increase the feasibility through their cooperative involvement. NJPPP communicates with the member companies to support the application for the support system and to increase the feasibility and the nutrition improvement effect, and thus upgrade the quality of the project. Examples of the organizations and their support schemes are shown below.

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

  • base of the economic pyramid (BOP)/volume zone business support service
  • local support project for Japanese small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) Overseas Expansion Platform
  • individual support service by the experts of the Consortium for New Export Nation


  • cooperative preparatory survey (public-private partnership [PPP] infrastructure activity)
  • survey on business for sustainable development goals (SDGs) in developing countries
  • Collaboration Program with the Private Sector for Disseminating Japanese Technology
  • overseas investment and loan
  • programs for supporting overseas expansion of SMEs
  • Grassroots Technical Cooperation Project
  • Overseas Volunteering Program in Collaboration with Private Sector

Request and proposals to the government

NJPPP submits activity reports to related ministries and agencies, as well as requests and proposals when the support at the government level is required.