Report on the Seminar – toward the Overseas Expansion of Food Industries through Constructing a Nutrition Improvement Business Model


September 21st, 2016


JICA Research Institute(Shinjuku, Tokyo)


Total 160 from university and research institute

Program of “Launching seminar for Nutrition Japan Public Private Platform”

13:30 – 13:35
Opening Remarks
Mr. Hidenori Murakami (Executive President, Japan Food Industry Association)

1st session: NJPPP for Nutrition Improvement
~New tool for food business in developing countries~

13:35 – 13:45
International movement of Nutrition improvement
Ms. Yukari Amijima (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)
13:45 – 13:55
Framework to Promote Nutrition Improvement Project by NJPPP
Mr. Hiroyuki Okajima (Cabinet Secretariat)
13:55 – 14:05
Expectation of Japanese Food Industry based on international movement
Ms. Yoko Oya (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)
14:05 – 14:15
Developing a business model for nutrition improvement through Multi-stakeholder Cooperation
Dr. Yasuhiko Toride (Ajinomoto Co., Inc)
14:15 – 14:25
JETRO related business on nutrition improvement
Mr. Yoshiaki Ishihara (JETRO)
14:25 – 14:35
International cooperation for the nutrition improvement
 ~possibility of new development through the platform~
Mr. Takao Toda (JICA)
14:35 – 14:45

2nd session: Nutrition improvement Project
~Workplace nutrition in ASEAN ~

14:45 – 14:55
Expectation for NJPPP (Video message)
International perspective for nutrition improvement at Workplace
SUN Business Network and GAIN
14:55 – 15:10
Pior nutrition improvement case in Bangladesh
Ms. Asako Nagai (BSR)
15:10 – 15:20
Pior nutrition improvement case in Bangladesh
~The angle of the implementation industry ~
Mr. Keiji Okada (Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.)
15:20 – 15:35
Project Development in Indonesia (Expected outcomes and activity by 2020 & workplan in 2016)
Dr. Ryuji Yamaguchi (Japan Food Industry Association)
15:35 – 15:50
Nutirient profiling and potential for cooperation in Cambodia
Mr. Kozo Watanabe (JICA)
15:50 – 16:10
Q&A and closing