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“Workplace Nutrition” Project

Surveyed Country
Indonesia(Potential to expand other countries in the future)
Ajinomoto Co., INc., Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., FUJI OIL HOLDINGS INC., DSM Japan
This project intends to introduce the canteen meals highly effective for improving nutrition to the factory workers in the developing and emerging countries.
In this project we promote, meals are provided in association with hygiene and nutrition education with the cooperation of local public agencies and jointly with the plant manager so that every concerned party can expect certain merits; the participating Japanese companies may expect reducing the risk and cost and increase the predictability, and the local factories can expect upgrading the employee welfare and labor productivity.
We especially set the women in the reproductive age group as the main target because recently, the importance of nutrition during the “first 1,000 days of life (from the first day of pregnancy until 2 years)” is receiving attention. However, there are also growing concerns over other problems such as obesity and lifestyle-related diseases where nutrition imbalance is one of the factors. So, we will also accept projects with broader possibilities.

Please refer the site of “Activity report: We visited Indonesia for the “Workplace nutrition” Project”.